End to End E-Commerce

As TrioWorx Business Solutions, we offer a platform that meets the end-to-end Digital Marketing Management needs of B2C companies, especially E-Commerce companies.

Within the scope of the said Digital Marketing Management, we configure with the appropriate components that you can integrate with your E-Commerce site and other related channels and provide the necessary services for you to implement and operate.

The components of the Digital Marketing Platform are presented below:

  • Integrated CRM Infrastructure with E-Commerce (KVKK Management, Cutomer Deduplication, Dynamic Segmentation)
  • Marketing Management Integrated with E-Commerce (Budget Management, Campaign Management)
  • Integrated Digital Channel Management with E-Commerce (Web Form, Online Messaging, Central Call Management, E-Mail, Bulk E-Mail)
  • Smart Marketing Automation Integrated with E-Commerce
  • Accounting Integration (Profitability Analysis)
  • Analytical Reporting (Reporting and KPI Panels)

The services provided within the scope of Digital Marketing Management are as follows:

  • Digital Marketing Strategy Management
  • Digital Channels Management
  • Digital Content Management
  • Digital Advertising Management